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We manufacture FIBC as per the specific requirement of our customers with utmost care in quality. We have all the components of FBICs manufactured in house. Our FBIC is widely used in transportations of Chemicals, Construction Materials, Activated in Carbon, Fly Ash,Garnet, Salt and even Hazardous Materials.


It is a Polypropylene based ready to use industrial container capable of carrying product loads ranging from 500 kgs to 2000 kgs. FIBCs- also called as Jumbo or Big bags are fast replacing cartons and PP woven sacks packaging for its advantages of being Flexible, easy to store, fill, stock and discharge. FIBC may be coated or uncoated, with or without liner, printed, UN certified, standard White or any other colours as per requirements.

Circular FIBC with Cross Corner Lifting Loops

This type of FIBC helps in achieving efficient dust-proofing and is generally used in packing very fine material.

Tunnel FIBC

These bags are particularly suitable for high volume multi-lift environment due to its cost effectiveness and ease of handling.

Baffle Bags

Cost effective in transportation and storage. Improves stability of the packaging, enabling safer stacking